Baudoin, Abbé Jean

Culture: European - French

Jean Baudoin was born in Nantes, France in about 1662. During the French raids in Newfoundland in 1697-1698, he kept a detailed journal which can be read today.

Became a Priest

Jean Beaudoin started his career in France as a musketeer in King Louis XIV's guards. After a short time in the army he decided to become a priest. He studied theology in his home town of Nantes and later in Paris. He became a priest in 1685 when he was about 23 years old.

Travels in the New World

When Jean completed his studies, he wanted to travel to China and became a missionary. While he was studying in Paris he met Bishop Laval who had just been appointed Bishop of Quebec. Bishop Laval convinced him to change his mind and go to the French colony of Acadia where New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are today. Jean arrived in Acadia in 1688 and was stationed at Beaubassin on the Bay of Fundy.

In 1689, war broke out between England and France. French and Native American forces started attacking the English settlements in New England. Sometimes Jean would go with them on these raids.

While he was in Acadia, Jean was accused of getting involved in some things that weren't his business. In 1694, he had to go back to France to clear his name. He returned to Acadia with Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville in the fall of 1696.


Working with Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville

Jean accompanied d'Iberville as a chaplain during his attacks on New England and the English Shore in Newfoundland. Jean kept a journal of his time with d'Iberville. This journal is an important source of information about d'Iberville's raid and 17th century settlement on the English Shore.Â

Jean's experiences during the war took a heavy toll on him. He returned to his mission on the Bay of Fundy and died there late in the summer of 1698. He was only about 36 years old.

Journal Entries of Abbé Jean Baudoin

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