Cupers Cove's First Laws

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On August 30th, 1611, before he went on his first trip back to England, John Guy proclaimed the first eight laws of the colony at Cupers Cove.

  1. Nothing harmful could be thrown into the water. Anything that would pollute or make the harbours dangerous had to be brought ashore. Penalty of 5£.
  2. No person was to destroy or tamper with any stage, flake, cook room, etc. Penalty of 5£.
  3. Each Admiral of each harbour was to use only the amount of beach and flake that was necessary for their boats. Penalty of 10£.
  4. No person was to destroy or change the marks on any boat. Penalty of 5£.
  5. No person was to use another person's boat unless it was absolutely necessary and even then permission had to be granted by the Admiral. Penalty 5£.
  6. No person was to set fire in the woods. Penalty 5£.
  7. At the end of a voyage, no person was to destroy any fishing stages, cook rooms, or flakes that were used that year. Penalty 10£.
  8. No master of any ship was to use any person of the colony on his ship that had already been assigned a duty. This could only be done under special warrant granted by the Governor of the colony.